My name is Kitty, and I'm the lead Professional Newcastle Wedding Photographer here at Lily & Twine. Hello!

Photography is my cup of tea. It's that thing that I just have to do because it feels like part of who I am. Everyone has their thing. Some people climb mountains, some people dance, some people buy shoes. I take photos. And being able to make a career out of telling and celebrating people's stories is a wonderful thing.

I love photographing people, and especially people in love. I'm really into capturing people in a natural, story telling way, because that tends to be the most beautiful. I love to capture the big moments, but also the little moments in between, because these moments often bring out the beauty of who you are.  Every shoot evolves from the uniqueness of the people involved, and so no 2 shoots are the same. 

What's my style? Good question. I'm open to suggestions. I have a fine art photography background, and a love of all things candid and natural, so that comes across in my work. I have many years of experience photographing precious moments for people, often amongst a fast paced, busy environment. This allows me to work with calm and focus as I capture all the action - and spot the quietest, private moments too. I also work in design + print, which means a streamlined experience for you, and it gives me the ability to maintain quality control over the whole process so I can deliver the best possible photos, albums and photo prints!

So please feel free to get in touch, let's have a chat :)