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OUR APPROACH Lily & Twine was born out of a desire to create something more relaxed, natural and genuine. I wanted to be able to capture your awesome wedding day story without completely taking over your day. By letting things flow as naturally as possible, allowing time for you to really be in the moment and enjoy such an important day, we are able to capture the true essence of the day and a genuine snapshot of your relationship. 

WE WILL We will skilfully capture beautiful candid moments, in the most non obtrusive way. We will give you space to be together, we will capture all the little moments as well as the big. And we will also make sure you get a couple of ‘Holy Wowsers!’ shots in there as well, coz we all need one or two of those for the wall, in my opinion.

WE WONT We will not take over your day making you pose awkwardly over and over again to create a bunch of cheesy, staged photos that show nothing of the real you. We will not eat all of your cake. Probably.

If you’d love to know more then I’d love you to get in touch- lets chat and see if we’re the right fit.